The Value of Color for an Attractive Website

In the new digital age, if you don’t have a website, your company doesn’t exist for the consumer. Your website must have an attractive design, easy to navigate and also responsive -adapted to mobile browsing-. An element that is a key factor in the design of your website is color, both the main one and the combination of these. Color can be decisive for users to love our page. Today we want to talk to you more about the importance of color on your website. Index of contents Why is color important on a web page? The choice of colors by section Main color: commitment to minimalism Navigation color: A clear structure Third color: Highlight relevant aspects.

The psychology of color for a web page Why is color important on a web page? color range THE T The combination of the appropriate tones on the website is fundamental in the design of the web page, because as you can imagine , these are capable of awakening different emotions in the user; and this is how we trap the user . The secret is to take Lithuania Phone Number advantage of the psychology of color to evoke, invoke and provoke sensations in users. This way it will be much easier for them to remember us and love our website. In addition, color can be decisive in how users perceive the products they find in the online store. Usually, people associate colors with objects or feelings in a personal way.

The Choice of Colors by Section

In order for the color combination to facilitate user navigation within the website. We must consider the order that our site will have. For this, there are also some recommendations that can help you optimize your design. Main color: commitment to minimalism Web design expert Veronique Rogge states the following.”We live in a time when minimalism reigns and that is reflected in the colors used by online stores” . The following statement is what is known in graphic design as “white space” , and is characteristic of background design. The goal here is not to overwhelm the user with a large amount of information about products, prices, and product descriptions.

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According to color psychology, white is associated with truth and honesty, in addition to helping the business image to be more serious and reliable . Navigation color: A clear structure The ideal alternative is gray. In color psychology, gray evokes seriousness and ability, as well as discretion ; this makes it a good option when the elements of the online store should not take away from the third outstanding color. “Gray navigation elements evoke neutrality. They are softer on the eye than black and also provide a clear structure so that the user can navigate the page intuitively” , explains the designer. Another good option is blue , equally appreciated by both men and women, giving off seriousness and objectivity. It is also related to trust and loyalty .

Third Color Highlight Relevant Aspects Red

Is recommended to focus the point of view or highlight certain elements. Psychologically and associatively, red and orange emanate warmth, energy, and passion . Also, orange is usually associated with low prices, and red as a warning. The psychology of color for a web page colored brain CHET Argentina. All colors are related to some feeling and we unconsciously perceive it when we see it. Therefore, we must make the choice of colors based on the principles and values ​​of the company; as well as the target audience. In order to define it, we review a bit of the psychology of color for websites: White: Allows the user’s eye to rest so they can pay attention to calls to action. White conveys purity, cleanliness, simplicity and freshness.

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