The source of children’s fear may come from parents, themselves or others

The source of children’s fear may come from parents, themselves or others. In addition to using punishment systems, parents often use reward mechanisms. For example, in order to encourage children, announcing rewards for good grades in advance before the test, If you take the test, how many points are there I’ll give you a tablet.

This kind of reward behavior

To increase the child’s motivation, but in fact lead to the South Africa Phone Number child focusing only on the results and not on the process. The reward system is not infeasible, but the proportion of rewards must be Consider the child’s level and goals together. If the reward is too expensive and exceeds the cost of cheating, then the child may choose to cheat, and the reward will become an incentive for the child to cheat.

Use grades to prove parents’ love Parents who put too much emphasis on ranking will also make children have incorrect vanity.

Although hope that their children will become dragons and their daughters will become phoenixes is what every parent expects of their children, if they care too much about rankings, it may also make children think that parents care more about grades than they are. I, as long as my grades are not ideal, I am not worthy of being loved. When a child is not capable and wants to please his parents, he is prone to cheating.

To let children

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The process of hard work is more important than the results, parents care about the effort and dedication they put in for the exam, and directly point out the children’s efforts and give affirmation, for example. I see that you have worked hard for this exam. Be prepared, this ranking is something you deserve. This will be more practical.

The first place in the test. Usually, you can praise your child’s other achievements through hard work, for example: You spend a lot of time searching for information on this assignment, Congratulations on your successful resolution. Let children know that learning as much as possible is as valuable as the result. Even if the effort fails to achieve the expected results, there will be gains in the process. Don’t regard results as everything in life, and don’t define yourself by results.

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