The Secrets to Generating Engagement on Instagram

The social network now has more than a billion active users per month. In france, there are no less than 17 million french people registered on the social network. According to figures announced by the Algeria Phone Number List vice-president of Facebook. The dazzling success of the social network prompted instagram to change. The display order of its publications in june 2016, favoring an algorithm rather than chronological order. A change that had not been appreciated by users and brands. The Algeria Phone Number List latter notably deplored a drop in their engagement rate. From then on, the war for the best engagement rate is declared. This indicator is considered as a reference to measure the notoriety of a brand.

The Most Engaging Practices on the Social Network

Instagram gave a masterclass in Paris on may 26, 2019, in collaboration. With land to give some advice on the most engaging practices on the social network. In parallel, a recent study published by Hubspot and mention showed. The Algeria Phone number underside of engagement on Instagram through the analysis of more than. 48 million publications and more than 306,000 influential accounts. Thanks to the Instagram masterclass and the study on engagement. We will be able to give you some tips to improve your engagement rate on the social network. As a reminder, engagement measures the number of interactions between users and a brand’s publications.

Average Number of Likes Per Post Chart of Average Number

The Mention and Hubspot study made it possible to Algeria Phone Number List quantify this notion of commitment. The results show that a post receives an average of 5,963.1 likes. But beware, this is an average that is not necessarily very representative. Indeed, among the panel of accounts studied, there are many influencer accounts with high engagement rates. Hubspot and Mention have  Algeria Phone Number List therefore also calculated the median, which makes it possible to divide all the mentions into two equal parts. We then obtain a median of 100. This means that 50% of Instagram users have less than 100 likes under each of their posts.

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