The Redesign of Buses in Gijón

The online vote on municipal issues with the most participation
Therefore, Posted by Ana Alonso García on 29 November. 20160 Comments Updated by Cool Tabs on November 29, 2016.Gijón Emtusa, municipal buses of Gijón. The municipal urban transport company of Gijón. Gijón Emtusa , set out this year to turn the image of Gijón buses upside down, modernizing their look . To do this, they called a contest and a subsequent popular vote on social networks. An interesting campaign on social networks, which has managed to mobilize 3,000 participants. And that, as Rubén Llamales, Social Media Consultant in Professional Communication. The agency in charge of Gijón Emtusa ‘s communication – tells us. Therefore, Online voting has become municipal issues with the largest number of participations in the history of the city .

Therefore, On the 30th anniversary of the design of municipal Vietnam WhatsApp Number List , Gijón Emtusa decided to hold a competition to update the image, pursuing a modern and dynamic aesthetic that would convey the backbone of an Atlantic and open city such as Xixón. The first phase began in March with the reception of proposals from professional designers and the selection of five semi-finalists. Afterwards, the jury selected three proposals for the final phase of popular voting, which took place in May. Among other channels, a promotion of that vote was carried out with Cool Tabs on Facebook . An action that has been the most important for Gijón Emtusa to date .

Social Media Campaign and Marketing Strategy

Gijón Emtusa: Voting on the new design of urban buses. Finally, with its design for municipal buses, Marea Roja.  =The studio from Gijón, Dúo Comunicación , managed to prevail in the popular votes. With 50% of the more than 3,000 votes collected. Over the proposals of Santamarina designers -32%- and Mola Studio -17%-. Campaign in social networks of the municipal buses Gijón Emtusa. Gijón Emtusa and social networks. How important are social networks for Gijón Emtusa ?


The Gijón municipal bus company understands social networks as a way of informing. And establishing a new channel for its passenger service. In this sense, we answer comments or messages received in an average of 3 hours on working days. And we maintain a number of monthly impressions of more than 36,000 on our social platforms: Facebook , Twitter, Linkedin and Issuu . Facebook is the main network for Gijón Emtusa by volume of followers and interaction. Although the immediacy that we achieve with Twitter means that, in specific matters, this social network has peaks of greater importance.

We Maintain a Number of Monthly Impressions

The objectives of all the networks in which Gijón Emtusa has a presence are common: Offer traveler assistance and information about our lines, which encourage greater use of public transport. The characteristics of each network impose strategies, publication rhythms, contents and differentiated management on us , but the common objectives are maintained in all of them. What is the type of campaign on social networks that Gijón Emtusa usually launches and why do you opt for those?

Therefore, The campaigns and promotions are limited to initiatives that go beyond this vocation for service, such as the campaign to publicize the contest in which Primary students from schools in Gijón have baptized the new municipal buses with names such as “Cachopín ”, “Transporting” or “Osu Pardu Bus”, or the voting contest to choose the new design of the municipal buses.
Therefore, We maintain a number of monthly impressions of over 36,000 on our social networks. Rubén Llamas, Social Media Consultant in Professional Communication

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