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The pr company control the investment in advertising. Costs in the early stage, and placed a large number of invalid youtube advertisements, which also caused the team to suffer a lot of losses. In fact, both indiegogo and kickstarter have detailed Iceland Phone Number crowdfunding guides, so you can follow their guides. Step by step to plan your crowdfunding, and formulate an appropriate promotion rhythm according to your budget. 6. Join some forwarding feedback activities and lucky. Draw activities when crazybaby crowdfunded, it adopted Iceland Phone Number activities. Such as forwarding lottery or forwarding to realize the purchase of $10 off. This allows people who have become mars. Supporters to have more sense of participation and can get real benefits.

The Forwarding Activity Iceland Phone Number

Expands the number of audiences, but also Iceland Phone Number gives supporters a strong. Sense of honor, allowing all supporters the person becomes the sales of the project. 7. Set a price for relatives and friends, and mobilize relatives and friends Iceland Phone Number around you to participate in the crowdfunding on the first day, which is the key. To getting on the homepage as a project with a short publicity period, mars only reported by a few domestic media. In china before its launch, and the promotion influence of foreign social mediaalso very limited. Therefore, they opened a price of $125 for relatives and friends. On the first day of launch, and produced a detailed purchase strategy is provided. And the earliest registered users and relatives and friends around them.

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Make purchases. Therefore, within 4 hours Iceland Phone Number of crowdfunding. It reached the goal of more than 40,000 us dollars and successfully entered the homepage recommendation of indiegogo. I think the first revolution will be in biotechnology. Where genes can reprogrammed. The next step is nanotechnology. There now nanodevices Iceland Phone Number that can deliver drugs to places in the body where they need to treated, such as delivering cancer drugs. Through blood vessels to tumors. These devices have not yet reached the point of intelligence. In the next step, the intelligence of nanorobots. Is the key to development. After intelligence, one of the applications is to automatically build the immune system.

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