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In my opinion, brand building is more important than link building these days. A great way to build a brand is to align it with a brand that is already established and respected. In 2013, I had the privilege of being a contributor to Peru WhatsApp Number List several major online publishers including Forbes and This exposure was great for my personal brand as well as my Post Has Generated business. As it happens, being a contributor to these places builds inbound links. The best natural link building without Peru WhatsApp Number List even trying. That’s what I think is a real win-win, and that’s what business owners should.

The Idea for This Post Came About When I Was Looking for Something Big to Post

My biggest link building success over the past year was personal, and after downsizing due to the loss of our biggest client, it continues to do well as an agency. We haven’t lost any other clients, we’ve gained some small clients, but we don’t Peru WhatsApp Number List have to close our doors, and I’m very proud of the fact that I’m very grateful to my staff and clients for working with us over the last big transition. We’ve added amazing new internal systems that speed up the speed at which we do things, which was a tough adjustment in some ways, but we still ended the year well. My stress levels are Peru WhatsApp Number List different now, but I’m happier managing a small team than trying to manage a manager who manages a large team.

Peru WhatsApp Number List

I’m also very proud because we’ve been doing what we’ve been doing to build links, and we didn’t have to completely change direction. Often we Peru WhatsApp Number List work on highly competitive national search terms and are constantly trying to push the boundaries of what link building is and what it can do. Link building is really hard, and sometimes it can be a little frustrating as the SERPS goes up. We were hired by Peru WhatsApp Number List a local service business in San Diego in early 2013, and our team had a great time digging through local business directories and finding plain old local links for our clients. Within 6 weeks, they held the No. 1 spot, and nearly nine months later, 

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