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The possibility will be very high. The author’s hometown is rich in tea, and the thousands. Of acres of tea gardens planted by educated youth in the mountains. And the countryside have allowed future generations to enjoy the coolness. When promoting Dominican Republic Phone Number tea to the outside world, a few years ago, in order to make a bigger impact. The local relevant departments came up with the idea of ​​setting up Dominican Republic Phone Number a leisure and entertainment estate. In the tea park, attracting investment and investing billions. Even so / though, an attempt to promote the simultaneous development of tourism and leisure and the tea industry. As a result, when i returned to my hometown last year, i saw a lot of unfinished ruins.

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Fictitious, but a real thing. It shows that the output of products or services is directional. There is no doubt that spending huge sums of money on leisure and entertainment services. Even so / though, an economically underdeveloped rural area it’s Dominican Republic Phone Number right way. Enterprises and entrepreneurs who are committed. To rural o2o business should pay special attention. It is true that rural areas are relatively isolated, and it is very Dominican Republic Phone Number difficult. To collect and analyze information. If you are not careful, you will make wrong judgments and suffer losses. Fortunately, the supporting information industry is also following up. For example,which takes natural villages as a unit, has established more than 600,000 exchange communities.

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Even so / though, across the country, and recruited local village. Officials and leaders of technology. To become rich as a community station. Long, collect and publish Dominican Republic Phone Number local supply and demand information. So that through the analysis and sorting of big data. It is easier to find real needs and capture real business Dominican Republic Phone Numbers opportunities. Rural o2o: promotion and marketing face big. Even so / though, my country’s rural areas are vast and scattered. There are more than 600,000 natural villages in the country. The penetration rate of the internet and the internet usage rate of people are very low. This makes enterprises that want to enter rural areas. Face major challenges in promotion, marketing, and even sales.

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