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Content marketing is a key piece to connect with customers and capture leads. But the content must be chosen correctly for the campaigns to be effective. We share some content ideas that can work. Index of contents 1) Ebooks 2) Reports 3) Webinars 4) Contests 5) Checklist 6) Kits The content preference 1) Ebooks e-book WOM customer service This is the best known and most popular way of generating leads. The “digital book” format is perfect because most readers are already used to following blogs on a daily basis.

Reports reports BBVA Microfinance Foundation Reports with relevant research and data. Represent the type of information for which users are interest Ecuador Cell Phone Numbers and willing to leave their contact details. The more value the content has. Accurate and up-to-date reports on topics of interest to the reader, including data that the reader could get otherwise. The more information the user will be willing to give up . 3) Webinars webinar. Future Webinars or online conferences are a very attractive type of content for participants.

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Very successful, thanks to the interaction it offers; they can include real-time conversations between speakers and the audience via social media and other tools. Webinars ensure the presence of attendees through registration, and therefore, those interested must provide their contact information. After receiving the contact information, the audience receives a link to the event with the date and time; and then they continue nourish with other contents. 4) Contests competition Ondho Contests can be a great way to gain engagement with your target audience. Contests offer the opportunity to generate engagement and get to know the Buyer Persona better .

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However, contest promote on the site, blog or any of the social networks where the brand is present. For the contest to be attractive, the prizes that award must also be worth the effort of the participants in the dynamic. Prizes can be an excellent motivator for the public to participate. 5) Checklist To- do lists are very practical and available to users in a variety of formats, from blog posts to infographics to slideshows. However, serve as a tool and require little work. The objective of this content is to help the buyer person to execute some important task related to the content topic.

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However, post publishing can be develop. 6) Kits kits Rock Content After a while, there will surely be a lot of content material that offere to users. All that content can give you the opportunity to generate more leads without having to produce new content. How? Creating toolkits with the materials we have produced in the past . However, example, you can bring together some e-books or articles on the same topic or offer checklists and other tools together. Ideally, use as many formats as possible to ensure that readers have options and can find the content they most identify with.

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