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The parents of the post and 80s were basically from that era. The undershirts printed with “broad world, great achievements” became how many Denmark Phone Number people have an indelible mark. Today’s going up to the mountains and going to the countryside. Whether it is the “painting the wall” of internet companies such as tencent. Or the return Denmark Phone Number of high-quality talents from beijing, shanghai, guangzhou and shenzhen to start a business. Is essentially the urban elite group sinking to the vast countryside. But this time the “wind” it really blows up. The rise of rural o2o benefits from two conditions. On the one hand, the popularity of smartphones and mobile internet has. Gradually filled the digital divide in rural areas.

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Large companies and brands that originally focused. On the urban market to sink channels and expand long-tail customers. On the other hand, cities have paid the price of air, water. Food quality degradation for development. It is just time for Denmark Phone Number green food from remote rural areas to enter cities. O2o is an optional way. It can be seen that the rural areas. Here are not only a buyer’s market, but also a seller’s market. Taking and suning Denmark Phone Number as examples, they can not only sell electronic. Products such as home appliances and digital products to the wider countryside by sinking into the countryside. But also supply the characteristic products of the countryside to urban residents through their own platforms.

Policies Such as Denmark Phone Number

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Supporting agriculture, rural Denmark Phone Number areas and rural. Areas and promoting urbanization show that there are huge. Opportunities in rural areas and urban-rural areas, and the market potential. Of rural o2o based on these incremental markets is immeasurable. Rural o2o: what is suitable is the best. The author has Denmark Phone Number always believed that o2o is a very good business. Model, because it has the characteristics of both the offline. Real economy and the online internet economy. Because of this, o2o also has its own industry restrictions, not every industry. Is suitable for the o2o model, especially for rural o2o. In the primary stage, once the enterprise chooses the wrong industryy. Takes the wrong path, it will become a “martyr.

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