The Mix Between Content and Influence

With all the changes taking place in the way people shop, content becomes a critical issue in giving customers something of value. That is why there is now a new marketing model: confluence marketing . A combination of value content and influencer marketing . Index of contents The value of content to the consumer What is confidence marketing? The value of content to the consumer Content has become a direct path to the consumer.

In an age where data flows everywhere, content is well guided by numbers. To stand out from millions of videos, photos, news, posts, GIFs, etc., the Namibia Phone Number content must be precise and arrive at the right time . To ensure that the content is indeed the right one for the consumer, he can use influence. What is confidence marketing ? Although celebrities or influencers can help take a big step forward with the reach of our content, confluence marketing may be what was needed to take the next step and make our content stand out.

Confluence Marketing Is a Practice

That consists of contacting different authorities of the different topics of our content so that they can give us a phrase or comment on a topic ; and resume it in our content; that is, to use a phrase placed on social networks with the credit of the expert . For example, if your company is a car company, contact an Automotive Blogger ; to a journalist from the source or a manager, and to support you with a comment on your site or networks; the important thing here is your scope, rather than your title or years of experience. Confluence marketing can be the difference, giving your content the boost it needed to connect with your audience; at the right time, giving them something of value, not just the content, but an entire experience with your brand. Do you need support with your content strategy? We can make it easy for you.

Namibia Phone Number List

WOM is a digital marketing agency that works closely with your brand, looking for the best strategies and topics of interest that drive the growth of your company. Schedule your free consultation A landing page or also called “destination page” , is where you as a user arrive after clicking on a button or CTA (Call to action) . The problem that can sometimes arise with landing pages is that the original article or page is usually very attractive, but when the landing page is reached , it is not as attractive, or does not offer what the customer expects to receive.

Therefore, the Experience

becomes disappointing and the user ends up leaving the page, without giving us a means to be in contact with him. So that the user experience with our destination page does not end like this, it is important to pay attention and take care that our landing page offers the user a pleasant experience, that arouses their interest so that there is an exchange of information for the value offer. For this reason, today we share some tips to improve the user experience within our landing page . Index of contents 1. Take care of the loading speed 2. Mobile first-design 3. Focus on the customer 4. Minimalism 5. Personalize your landing page with purpose 6. A/B testing.

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