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The management and promotion in the future, of artists and musical works will rely more on the internet and new media. Therefore, the core Switzerland Phone Number value and competitiveness of internet music platforms. Will lie in the ability to spread and manage musical works. “exclusive copyright” is obviously not the most crucial key! In areas other than copyright wars. The principle of “users are more difficult to handle Switzerland Phone Number than opponents” still applies. Since the purchase price of “futures” cannot be recovered. It is better to try to develop incremental space and focus on opponents to cut the declining stock market. Moving to the user is the better way. For example, last year, qq music released 150,000. Sets of jay chou’s digital album priced at 20 yuan.

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Generated 3 million yuan in revenue Switzerland Phone Number in a short period of time. The social products bound to the digital album package are closely related. Digital music and social products packaging makes. It entirely possible to Switzerland Phone Number create products that users are willing to pay for. However, in the disabled domestic music market.qq music alone cannot take over all users. After tencent has hoarded copyrights, it will certainly have more room for expansion. Can not fully release the value of massive digital music. And moderate export is also an option. The key that wins future users is definitely not “exclusive copyright.

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Products that can redefine the Switzerland Phone Number value of music, just like apple that launched ipod, itunes and $0.99 aac music, like song dongye, “miss dong” and strawberry. The modern sky of music festivals. In 2014, the outside world felt that early-stage. Investment was more popular. One of the reasons was that there were many Switzerland Phone Number sources of money. Including social capital, such as money from traditional industries and money from the first wave of internet companies. They used this money to support new startups, rather than it is an investment rather than an inheritance. And the strategic investment of chinese internet companies like bat has also returned to the right track.

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