The Importance of Adapting Our Website

The growth of visits to websites through mobile devices forces. Us to consider how we should adapt to new uses and even limitations of Internet users. Thinking about the change that is generated is crucial to improve our processes and in general the customer experience. To date, the use of the pocket screen, that of mobile devices, is more common than using a computer. Now users connect from many different places, which means that our response must be consistent with what is expected. Previously, if someone got a flat tire, they would look to call a tow truck or a friend. But they wouldn’t log in from a desktop looking for support. Today, it is common to search the website of a towing company, a mechanic or some other emergency service looking for an immediate response.

Index of contents What is a mobile responsive site? Is it enough to have a responsive site? It has a smaller screen. We operate with just Switzerland Phone Number finger. Shared browsing. Different times of the day. Very different reasons for use. Less time and patience. We have much more information. Conclution. What is a mobile responsive site? mobile equipment Smartphones are already in common use and along these lines we must adapt our websites to this new form of use that our clients have. Responsive web design allows the layout of a web page to change based on the size of the screen used to view the site. That is, a desktop computer screen can display a multi-column layout. While a small screen must fit content into a single column and with a different layout.

Is It Enough to Have a Responsive Site

Visits by mobile devices will continue to grow, it is a trend that is clearly here to stay, so we must think not only about adapting the design of our website. The way we make use of web pages when using mobile phones is different from when we use a desktop computer, so it is worth considering some points such as: It has a smaller screen. This point, which would seem obvious, is of great impact. Having a smaller screen it is important that we put much less content and that we review the way it will be displayed on most mobile devices. Although our user has the best vision, it is clear that in this case less is more. We operate with just one finger. Most of us use the mobile device with only one or two fingers, so we must think about the user experience when interacting with our website.

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The buttons related to the actions we are looking for should be larger and placed. The area of ​​operation of our thumbs, which are the fingers that we normally use when using this type of equipment. A badly placed button implies reductions in our conversions. Shared browsing. Normally the use of mobile equipment occurs when carrying out another task, such as watching television, or waiting for some paperwork, which is why we must consider that the user’s ability to understand is lower. So our processes should be clearer and more precise. The use of mobile equipment requires graphically very clean screens without visual distractions. Different times of the day.

We Use This Equipment at Times

That were previously very unusual, such as very early in the morning, before going to the office or at lunchtime, while we wait for our plate. This is why companies must consider equipment that supports the operation at times that were previously of little demand. Very different reasons for use. While the desktop computer is used with all the attention and dedication, the mobile device has become our lifeline in emergencies or when we are doing a specific process. In this way, it is normal to seek the attention of a provider through its website for having an unforeseen event or when looking for precise data. Less time and patience.

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