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The head of the information teaching and research group. Everyone was France Phone Number kind in the forum call him boss. As a school famous for cramming, the high school i was in was very strict in all aspects, and there was a depressing atmosphere in all aspects of the school. But in such an environment, the school’s. Official bbs has provided a France Phone Number different outlet for many people. The founder of the school forum is a technical expert, responsible for the basic. Network infrastructure of the entire school. Back then, the broadband network was not fully popularized, but the school. Had already achieved a gigabit intra-campus lan. This includes the teacher’s mail system, the courseware ftp system. The website, the forum, the vod system in the school, etc.

It Can Be Said France Phone Number

That everything on the internet is basically France Phone Number implemented internally. In a self-study class, this miraculous school bbs host gave us a speech on the mission of school culture construction. Although he is a France Phone Number technical expert, this person’s speech is completely a copy of yu minhong from new oriental. He does not talk about technology, but talks about life. Career selection, and love with us. Stunned. I can’t remember a lot of things, but he said at the time. That with a technical level like him, it would be easy to find a job with an annual salary of several hundred. Thousand yuan, but he still chose. To stay in school, which was relatively simple.

Under the Management France Phone Number

France Phone Number List
France Phone Number List

Of such a person with a little idealism, the bbs of our school. Has become the favorite site of many students. The most popular section in the France Phone Number forum is a section called “original space. Back then, the students were very aggressive in their book business and scolded fang qiu. They always had the urge to write some France Phone Number sharp or lyrical articles on the forum. Of course, allowing a group of boys and girls to flirt with each other in post comments. And private messages is also the reason why this forum is so popular. At that time, personal pcs were not as popular. As they are now, but there is a computer on the podium. In each classroom for ppt to be used secretly for everyone to use.

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