The Future Is Augmented Reality

In this blog I will explain how virtual and augmented reality can help improve your brand’s customer experience .We start by talking about the three key concepts: customer experience , virtual reality and augmented reality. We continue to see how the two technologies can be used in favor of the customer experience and what benefits it has. Index of contents What is customer experience? What is virtual reality (VR)? The history of VR. What is augmented reality? How to use virtual and augmented reality in favor of the customer experience. The benefits of augmented and virtual reality in keywords Conclution What is customer experience. Blake Morgan explains on that the concept includes many elements.

But in the end it comes down to the customer’s perception of your brand. For example, you (as a brand) may think that you sell high-quality products. But if one day a customer buys one of your products and it turns out to be broken, this customer’s perception is not going to be that your brand is of high quality. That is why it is so important to be aware of Pakistan Phone Number customer experience at all times . All the movements, the products, the communications of a company contribute to the perception of the client’s brand. What is virtual reality (VR)? Virtual reality tries to replace reality through devices that allow us to feel in another place. This technology has been widely used in the world of video games. With virtual reality glasses the player can immerse himself in virtual reality naturally.

Another Example of Vr Glasses

The Google Cardboard , some ” Low Budget ” glasses that use (your cell phone to create a virtual reality. Virtual Reality Samsung The history of VR Although you may not think so, virtual reality has existed since the 19th century. When painters made panoramic pictures to give the viewer the illusion of being in the painted scene. But marketers started getting interested in virtual reality in 1987, when Jaron Lanier marketed the first VR goggles called Virtual Reality goggles EyePhone HRX priced at $49,000. To give you an idea of ​​how it revolutionized the industry, Google Cardboards today only cost 15 dollars. What is augmented reality? Augmented reality is a version of reality, but perfected. Images or information computers are to reality through our senses.

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An example of an augmented reality device is the Google glass. These lenses allow you to obtain information about routes, weather, businesses, email alerts. All without contaminating reality, if they do not complement reality. In this video you will learn how they work. Another example is the Pokémon Go game. An app where the user walks down the street to find Pokémon. This game went viral and is the perfect example to illustrate how you can use augmented reality to reach a lot of people. Augmented reality Read more about augmented reality in this blog . How to use virtual and augmented reality in favor of the customer experience? According to a study carried out by Oracle , 78% of brands will use virtual reality for their customer services in 2020.

The Probability That They Buy the Product

Since the majority of consumers preferred to make a purchase or solve an incident without having to interact with customer service personnel client. Apart from virtual and augmented reality, it allows you to create deep connections with customers . Demos of (new) products or services Instead of teaching how a product works, with virtual reality consumers can interact with and experience the product. The probability that they buy the product or that they are loyal to your brand is greater, because having a personal and positive experience with the product through virtual reality generates positive emotions related to the product or the brand.

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