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The first industrial revolution gave birth to a large number of factories. Britain defeated spain, defeated the netherlands, and rose rapidly. The second industrial Norway Phone Number revolution in the united states. Where electricity is the mainstay, has rapidly risen again. It has rapidly become the scale, standardization. Assembly line, supply chain Norway Phone Number management, and it of the manufacturing industry. The birth of a powerful company. Mechanism is still the release of human physical energy. But many of us are now asking this question, whether each technological revolution. In high technology eliminates employment or creates employment. In fact, the first industrial revolution and the second industrial.

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It and the internet is to completely Norway Phone Number release people’s heads. If you think about it, it has been nearly 200 years to release people’s physical energy, and the release of their brains has not yet begun. If it was an era of manufacture Norway Phone Number in the past, today is an era of creation. Today you must master, hong kong young people remember. What you know today is something your father has never heard of. My father debated with me for a lot of time. I later found out that i was wrong with my children. I always instructed my children to do this and that.

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With me this is reality. There are a lot of people Norway Phone Number here today. In addition to our better life experience and experience than the young people, of course we have great people. But the vast majority of the elderly are not as knowledgeable. As the young people. On the internet, you reckon that no matter how good you were Norway Phone Number yesterday. You would have collapsed in half. It revolution, digital manufacturing, all changes. In fact, i later found out that today’s young people know more than me. Revolution have created countless new types of employment. We always thought that there was no chance. But who would have thought that companies

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