The Embarrassment of Wechat El Salvador Phone Number

The embarrassment of wechat payment last year’s spring. Festival wechat red envelope hot market really gave a boost, and wechat’s e-commerce project El Salvador Phone Number suddenly had a great imagination. But after the red envelope, we found that things. Were far from ideal, and the market share of wechat pay even. Declined significantly in the second quarter. The reason is actually very simple. For wechat, its payment method El Salvador Phone Number can quickly become. Popular by relying on a powerful social platform. But tie ge believes that this is still at the level of brand marketing. At present, the biggest demand of wechat is not payment. But the construction of an online trading platform. In contrast, alipay’s red envelopes have a much poorer. Experience due to the complex process.

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Online transactions, makes it easy for El Salvador Phone Number users who compete. For red envelopes to lose the urge to use other than red envelopes. In fact, there are not many usage scenarios. Of course, wechat is still operating with the traditional pc. Era entrance thinking, without much freshness. As for the enterprise service El Salvador Phone Number accounts that are most likely to stand out. The official wechat policy is ambiguous, and many operators have also stayed away from service. Accounts after a series of blows. The company that was promoted as a case last year has not seen much this year. Except for the average acquisition cost of 50 yuan. Per mobile terminal, the company cannot afford it. The biggest problem is that the wechat official has never really helped.

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Merchants are naturally chilled. In this way, we see that more and more “wild ways. Have made their fortunes on wechat, but it is difficult for normal El Salvador Phone Number business enterprises to share social dividends. This may be the biggest embarrassment of wechat. What is the red envelope pattern after the ban? The intention of the micro-envelope to kill the alipay red envelope is actually very obvious. This year, the limelight El Salvador Phone Number of the red envelope is still in the hands of my wechat. It is true that as the largest mobile social platform, wechat red envelopes do have their unique advantages. The settings of wechat red envelopes are also extremely. Simple and rude, and you can get them as soon as you grab them.

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