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The earlier labels such as literary Greece Phone Number fresh. Are no longer exclusive to it. Douban users still mainly concentrated in the internet , culture, communication and other middle- and high-income groups. However, these did not help douban gradually become mature and prosperous in business. Although it faces many Greece Phone Number difficulties such as the waste of mobile terminals, the lack of functions and business models , and the development of ugc itself. This respected internet company still stuck to your own pace. But, cruelly, the world does not give douban as much time as it imagined. On february 3, after qihoo 360 and coolpad established a joint venture to enter the field of mobile phones. Baidu also began to make moves. According to sources, baidu will invest no less than 100 million us dollars. As a strategic investor to invest in magic works.

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Internet business subsidiary of lenovo. With an unknown Greece Phone Number shareholding ratio. Magic factory a brand-new subsidiary established by lenovo group. It launches terminal products such as smartphones and smart hardware based on the internet model, and sells them through internet channels. Its competitors Greece Phone Number company will officially start operations on april 1, 2015, with a separate company name and a new sub-brand. Chen xudong, senior vice president of lenovo group, will serve as the company’s ceo. According to him, magic works’ first smartphone product. Will released in the second half of the year, and an independent ui system will developed.

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In which business areas baidu will cooperate with magic works after its shareholding. According to sources, baidu expects to use magic works to Greece Phone Number strengthen the integration of the hardware. Supply chain and control the manufacturing process. Further expand the hardware field, and it not ruled out. That baidu’s future hardware products will directly operated by magic works. In september last year. Baidu also Greece Phone Number cooperated with lenovo to launch the new router newwifi, the first smart hardware product. In terms of smartphones, baidu made a strategic. Investment in shenzhen 100% digital technology. In 2013, and launched a series of products such as 100+ iqiyi mobile phones. Mainly promoting its baidu cloud os. It has accumulated tens of millions of users, and the smart phone launched by magic factory may also become one of the terminal layouts of baidu cloud os.

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