The Domestic Sports Industry Ireland Phone Number

The domestic sports industry scale was about 52.6 billion us dollars, accounting for about 0.56% of gdp, while the us sports industry reached 463.9 billion us Ireland Phone Number dollars in 2013, accounting for 2.8% of gdp. In contrast, it can be found that the chinese sports market with more than 1.3 billion people has a very large room for growth, and as the national sports enthusiasm continues to rise in recent years, the sports industry Ireland Phone Number market will inevitably rise. In addition, the internet is advancing to various traditional fields, and the sports industry will also enter the o2o era. Compared with other industries, the sports market is quite special.

It Covers Sports Ireland Phone Number

Retail, sports and fitness services, tickets Ireland Phone Number for various event. Sports smart wear. Live event interaction and other fields, so it cannot be simply b2c or o2o. Render. If you want to seize a larger sports. Consumption market. Only by gathering users through social media will it have more potential. Sports social networking Ireland Phone Number itself is difficult to realize. In the form of traditional online social networking such as games and membership. Because the number of users will not be particularly large. Users will not be recognized because of their membership. In addition, if you are addicted to games. Who will pay attention to fitness? Therefore, the core of sports social networking is to gather people.

The Realization Method Ireland Phone Number

Ireland Phone Number

Needs to develop the sports o2o market. That’s the truth, that’s Ireland Phone Number what it is to move. At present, qudong cooperates with a number of chain gyms to provide “sports personal education” services. For sports enthusiasts at different levels. At the same time, it has also established soft advertising with brand manufacturers of sports-related products, services, events, activities and functional drinks. Or a hard-broad Ireland Phone Number partnership. Recently, it is developing the sports venue reservation business. In the o2o era, mastering users means mastering wealth. For sports social networking, behind every segment. Such as sporting goods retailing, sports smart wear, news media marketing, live event interaction. Brand advertising placement, offline theme activities, sports venue reservations, gym service extension, etc.

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