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The development of business mainly in three aspects. First, cloud computing gathers a large number of small and medium users, and after they Costa Rica Phone Number converge on a unified cloud platform. They can use unified cdn services. Wangsu cooperates with many cloud platforms, such as tencent, huawei, qiniu, ucloud, etc., to accumulate Costa Rica Phone Number customers through cloud platforms, and at the same time optimize cloud platform services to achieve. Win-win situation for the three parties. Secondly, cloud computing greatly reduces it costs, increases the richness of it applications. Indirectly increases the demand for cdn services. Third, cloud computing intensifies data concentration. Such as bandwidth and servers. Which are determined by the peak traffic that the platform needs to carry.

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Content centrally, and the demand for content distribution will also grow rapidly. The rapid growth of wangsu’s performance is also related to its Costa Rica Phone Number technological innovation and platform. Scale effect, and technology and scale are also considered by industry insiders as the two major barriers to competition in the cdn industry . Wangsu currently has more than 1,500 employees. Of which r&d personnel account for more than 60% of the Costa Rica Phone Number total number of employees. The size of the technical team exceeds the total number of other cdn companies. Liu hongtao, vice president of wangsu technology, said. The threshold of cdn is not high, and hardware equipment is not the threshold. Mainly because of technical capabilities and platform scale effects.

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Manufacturers generally used expensive Costa Rica Phone Number hardware equipment. To solve the problem of content distribution, wangsu developed the first cdn platform with independent intellectual property rights in china. Making cdn a civilian product that can be widely used. The subsequent r&d breakthroughs such as dynamic. Acceleration technology and mobile acceleration technology. Have also led the Costa Rica Phone Numbers development of the cdn industry. The cdn industry is a typical technology-driven industry. The leading degree of technology determines the way and cost of the company’s services. The accumulation of technology brings better service effects. In terms of scale effect, cdn costs are mainly one-time hardware expenditures.

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