The Client Works in the Tourism Sector and the Target Countries Are Germany

France, Italy, Spain and the UK, so what better way to connect everyone under one infographic than food? Meet our ultimate guide to European street food. During the conception stage, research showed that street food was a Lithuania WhatsApp Number List popular topic that resonated well with publishers. On top of that, every country in Europe has its own take on this type of cuisine, so the topic will appeal to a wide audience of different cultures – just what we needed. Translation was a bit of a nightmare, and I Lithuania WhatsApp Number List won’t lie, but we learned a lot about writing valid copy for subsequent translations into various languages.

Sometimes Clients Are Not Interested Works Tourism Sector in the Process

We made a modular design (i.e. the entire layout has a copy format) that enables publishers to select specific parts of the infographic to share on social or compile into photo galleries. The campaign started in late November 2014 and lasted 4 weeks, including a follow-up and image attribution phase. At the time of reporting, we have achieved 60+ unique placements, Works Tourism Sector assist placements, Lithuania WhatsApp Number List impressions and 12.7K+ placement clicks. We have some amazing victories like Marie Claire and Wired in Italy, Stern Magazin in Germany, European Lithuania WhatsApp Number List Commission Travel Blog, MSN, Huffington Post in Spain. The beauty of these campaigns is that the weight of the placements and the evergreen nature of the content guarantees that new organic placements will keep popping up on the web throughout the year.

Lithuania WhatsApp Number List

My team’s biggest link building success story in 2014 wasn’t the result of some new strategy or radical approach. It’s not about pulling in a bunch of super-authoritative links, or even about the ranking results that come up Lithuania WhatsApp Number List  when link building works. In 2014, I learned that taking the time to build a thorough and comprehensive “link acquisition plan” tailored specifically to meet the needs Lithuania WhatsApp Number List of the client is the most critical aspect of a successful link building campaign. This may not seem earth-shattering, because of course a well-constructed roadmap is essential for long-term success, right?

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