The Big Winner With the Presentation of the Iphone Was Apple

If at the beginning of last month we talked about. The fact that nothing seemed to stop huaweiit seems. That not even apple’s own keynote presenting its three. New iphone models could do it, it was even the Of the event huawei is already the second brand that sells. The Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List most smartphones worldwide during the second. Quarter of the year it sold more than 54 million devices. It is indisputable that throughout this september 12. The event at the steve jobs  theater has monopolized the digital. Conversation and media coverage. And it is that the Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List cupertino company. Made the debut of the iphone which will seek. To recover some of the lost market share in recent months. This sounds pretty good the problem is one that apple. Has already faced in the past, that it is accused of not being innovative.

The Contrary Adding Functions Features Tplay Against the End

And on the contrary adding functions or features to. Its smartphones that are already present in other brands case. In particular in social networks there is talk that the huawei. P20 already does it Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List something that did not take long to identify. The brand of chinese origin because even in his official. Twitter account in colombia he took the opportunity. To send a message with a dedication to the new iphone xs. We believe that the best technology exists so that everyone. Can use it, that’s why you have two options you pay more. For the same or you pay what is fair for true innovation. This genius was also seen in his global account that of mexico. Yes apple surprised and pleased this day but what was revealed. By users and used by huawei could play against it, in the end.

What the American Firm Is Looking for Is to Grow Sales

Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List

Which is why it has decided to revive its low cost version. This would be difficult especially if it is currently considered. That samsung is the global leader in sales with more than. 71 million devices during the Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List second quarter of the year. According to idc data, followed by huawei with more. Than 54 million smartphones surpassing apple which placed just over 41 million. It should be noted that huawei is missing the launch. Of the mate 20 which is expected to be on october. 16 in london and will come with features that. Compete with those mentioned kirin 980 processor. Oled technology, 4,200 mah battery and all-screen display.

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