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The analogy is for reference; then no internet company can earn back. The prepaid money from digital music, and there is a huge gap between South Korea Phone Number income and expenditure, including qq music’s. Green diamond membership income compared. With copyright expenditure is a drop in the bucket, so every thousand times on demand. The price per thousand downloads is useless, and the prepayment has basically become South Korea Phone Numbers the price of a one-shot deal. Therefore, domestic digital music has never existed. And there is no standard industry pricing at all. If it exceeds three years, the trend of digital music. Revenue still cannot make up for the spring of prepayment, indicating that the value. Of digital music has not been effectively developed.

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Itself has a “bubble”. In other words, internet South Korea Phone Number companies are buying expensive . In recent years, intellectual property (ip for short) has also received increasing attention in china. The video industry has taken the lead in entering the process of “full legalization”, and music and video content are South Korea Phone Number content with ip attributes. So music content also has the exclusivity of the competitive market, while each internet platform strives. For exclusive copyright, the copyright in the hands. Of the record company can once again increase the prepaid price, but when the market revenue. Capability of digital music has not been developed. Why do internet companies still willing to pay a higher. And non-recoverable price for exclusiveness?

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South-Korea Phone Number List
South-Korea Phone Number List

Benefit is that it can obliterate latecomers South Korea Phone Number and raise competition barriers. If you can’t get enough copyright fees, you don’t have to compete. If the three internet giants baidu, alibaba and tencent divide up all the music copyrights. The higher the prepaid price, the harder it is for backward competitors to appear. Something unexpected happened. On the one hand, ocean music, which is purely operating South Korea Phone Numbers copyright, emerged. After frantically acquiring copyright. It ate kugou and kuwo and broke into the battle. Alibaba completed the acquisition of xiami and tiantianjingting. And the rising star netease cloud music is also soaring. On the other hand, baidu’s loss of power in the mobile terminal.

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