The Amp Format Arrives on Google Images Google Announced in a Press

In line with its Mobile-First strategy, Google announced in a press release the arrival of AMP technology on Google Images. As a Reminder, the Amp (Accelerated Mobile Page) Format Makes It China Phone Number List Possible to Display a Web Page on Mobile Much More Quickly. It Was Created to Optimize the Reading of Web Pages on Mobile With the Aim of Improving the User Experience of Internet Users. Who Are Increasingly Using Smartphones to Go on the Internet? Until Now, This Technology Was Used on Search Results. And Mainly on the Article Pages of the China Phone Number List Media and News Sites. Last March, Google announced the arrival of AMP in Gmail to revolutionize the user experience in emails. Today, Google Images will integrate the format. Your SEO agency will tell you how.

Visual Searches Boosted by Amp Google Has Been Testing the Integration

Google Has Been Testing the Integration of Amp in Google Images for Several Months Now, and This Feature Is Now Rolling Out Worldwide. What Does It Consist of? Will It Be a Greater Source of Traffic for Compatible Sites That Are Present on the China Phone Number List Image Search Engine? The Amp Will Be Coupled With Another Feature: the Swipe to Visit. Thanks to This New Feature, When You Click on One of the Images in the Search Results, You Will See a Small Preview of the Site Appear Under the China Phone Number List Image. By Sliding the Preview Upwards, You Will Then Access the Entire Page of the Site on Which the Image Is Located. This Is Where Amp Comes in. Indeed, This Manipulation Is Only Possible if the Page in Question Is in Amp Format.

The Amp Will Be Coupled With Another Feature the Swipe to Visit

Thanks to this new feature, when you click on one of the images in the search results. You will see a small preview of the site appear under the image. By sliding the preview upwards, you will then access the China Phone Number List entire page of the site on which the image is located. This is where AMP comes in. Indeed, this manipulation is only possible if the page in question is in AMP format. To go back, the user will only have to do the same action down. This novelty is already deployed in France. We also tested it on the “Trump” query in Google Images. Several images from recent news articles about him have appeared on the search engine. By selecting that of the RTL media, a window is displayed. We can also notice the symbol AMP.

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