The Absolute Value of Research Kazakhstan Phone Number

The absolute value of research and development expenses. Is lower than that of major competitors google, amazon, microsoft, and even only 1/3 of samsung. Let’s look at the average r&d investment in the industry. For software and internet Kazakhstan Phone Number companies, the average r&d investment is 15.5% of revenue, the average r&d investment in computer and electronics is 5.7%, and the average r&d investment in all industries is 8.1%. In this comparison, apple’s r&d investment is far below the industry average. For consumer Kazakhstan Phone Number electronics, advertising is the first step in marketing. The table below is a comparison of the annual. Advertising budgets of apple, samsung, microsoft, and htc, based on the companies’ annual reports.

Apple’s Advertising Budget Kazakhstan Phone Number

Exceeded 1% of the company’s overall sales revenue since 2010. When apple’s advertising budget had a relatively high increase. In 2013, apple’s Kazakhstan Phone Number advertising budget accounted for only 0.64% of sales revenue; while samsung’s advertising budget accounted for 1.75% of sales revenue in the same period. More than three Kazakhstan Phone Number times the absolute value of apple’s advertising budget. Even though ad spend is much lower than its competitors in terms of total. Ad spend and sales, apple was selected by forbes and interbrand as the most valuable brand in 2014. Twice as valuable as microsoft and samsung. A company whose advertising investment has always been far lower than its competitors.

The Brand Value Kazakhstan Phone Number

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Still high, and even a myth in some Kazakhstan Phone Number markets. The emergence of a “fan economy. This is by no means the effect that advertising and marketing investment can achieve. With the excellent customer experience of the product. Itself, apple has indeed saved a lot of advertising costs. However, once the research and development. Investment of products is insufficient and innovation is insufficient, the shortcomings of advertising. Marketing investment may soon be exposed. Another potential threat is patent litigation resulting from Kazakhstan Phone Number insufficient patent accumulation. According to patentfreedom’s latest statistics. Apple has the largest number of patent disputes among non-practising. Entities (npes) among large it, internet and high-tech companies.

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