The 4 Mistakes to Avoid on Facebook Ads Popular Social Network

It’s no secret that Facebook is the most popular social network on the planet, so much so that its turnover increased by 26% in 2018. (Source: BDM ). Advertising has been key to this growth; according to the official report published last January, it represents around 90% of the turnover of Mark Zuckerberg’s company in 2018. These figures have only increased since the appearance of advertising on Facebook in 2004. It is therefore very logical that Facebook Ads is the most effective solution in terms of SMO to reach a large audience. But the platform is not always easy to use for novices. However, given the multitude of features, your Social Media agency reveals the mistakes not to make in order to be efficient fairly quickly.

What to Know About Facebook Ads Designed for Businesses

For a well-defined marketing objective, you need specific ideas. Your strategy starts from there. Would you like to increase the notoriety of your company? Would you like to promote the service or product you offer? Do you want to Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List make sales and raise numbers directly? This method is essential to start a Facebook Ads campaign without going wrong. On the Facebook Ads Manager interface, you are offered examples of marketing objectives according to each type of strategy. (cf: image of the interface above). This can help you see things more clearly.

Look for Immediate Results and Seo Strategy

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The Facebook Pixel is a JavaScript code to install on your site. It has an essential role in the proper development of your strategy; it allows you to track visitors to your site and above all to track conversions on your Facebook ads. Thanks to this, you will be able to create retargeting audiences and/or lookalikes in order to, respectively, revive past Internet users on your site and extend the data based on the information collected from these Internet users in question. Failing to tune this Pixel as best you can will prevent you from using the power of Facebook’s algorithm to its full potential.

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