Than 50% of Serps Do Not Generate a Click The History of the Mountain

This is a first in the history of the Mountain View firm: more than one out of two requests does not receive a click. The computer company SparkToro revealed the information via its report on August 13th. Your digital agency will explain the UK Phone Number List results to you. Using data relayed by jumpshot , a clickstream data company. That rand fishkin (sparktoro’s seo specialist) considers the uk phone number list best possible source. Sparktoro revealed the evolution of clicks on. The organic and paid results of the google search engine. The results are not necessarily surprising, but a threshold was reached last june. More than 50% of google’s search results (50.33% to be exact) do not receive a click (zero clicks).

Organic, Paid, and Zero-click Search Results for June 2019

This drop below the 50% mark is obviously historic, but it is above all symbolic. Rand Fishkin has been warning publishers against this “Zero Click” situation for several months now. He regularly UK Phone Number List analyzes Jumpshot data and noticed that people seemed to be happy with the previews of Google’s SERPs. The simple “title” and “meta description” tags are apparently enough to answer their searches. So, SparkToro took data from Jumpshot and saw a fairly gradual decline, and has been for months. The Zero Click search phenomenon increased from 43.90% to 50.33% between the first quarter of 2016 and June 2019.

Graph of the Evolution of Search Types of Google Users

However, you have to take into account a fairly important parameter: the use of the search engine on a computer or mobile. Indeed, more than 60% of searches on Google are done via mobile, and the UK Phone Number List numbers are totally different when separated. Zero clicks are almost twice as high on mobile as on desktop. And conversely, organic search on the desktop is almost twice as important as on mobile. These data are understandable according to the general purposes of the users; on mobile, the searches are generally shorter, while on the computer, the reflection is generally more developed.

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