Tang Yan Has Finally Australia Phone Number

Tang yan has finally sold one step. After the Australia Phone Number listing, momo not only took off the hat of “about p. But also started a big step of expansion: the same city service and gift mall have been launched one after another. “sell this step” refers to the gift mall. In an environment where a lot of social apps are doing e-commerce. Momo started Australia Phone Number to sell things in a way that follows. The attitude but the logic is very different. After the social app circle is completed, it is inevitable to sell goods. However, in the author’s opinion, momo is not doing e-commerce. But social networking in essence. It is not easy to succeed.

Why Do Social Apps Australia Phone Number

End up doing e-commerce? Before momo launched the gift mall. Social apps had already “sold one step”. In addition to integrating wechat also has an open micro-business platform, and moments. Have become the distribution center for products Australia Phone Number such as facial masks and beauty products. Wechat does its own e-commerce business. And other sellers also try to get orders from wechat. The reason is actually very simple: wechat gathers people, and where there. Is a popular place, there is a business. Qq has launched qq wallet and integrated into the shopping channel. On the other hand, douban, a literary and artistic social application, launched the “dongxi” channel as a shopping guide.

Some of the Original Australia Phone Number

Australia Phone Number List
Australia Phone Number List

Shopping guide communities such as meilisuo and mogujie. Have been transformed into vertical e-commerce. After gathering people, selling goods has become a popular. Method of mobile internet. For social platforms, it has gathered popularity Australia Phone Number and traffic. Advertising is realized, value-added is realized, shopping. Guide is realized, and self-selling is also a kind of realization. And it has a more “traffic funnel” model. The further back, the higher the value of traffic realization. Selling it yourself is more tempting than just Australia Phone Number importing it to someone else for some advertising fees. The core logic of momo as a gift mall: assisting. Social interaction momo gift mall seems to be a vertical e-commerce platform.

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