Taking up the public space confidently is a major feature

Once the huge conditioning unit removed. The clothes to dried taken down. And the balconies imprisoned the bars carefully observed. Bookcases, desks, easels, flower pots and bird cages placed in them… Each of them is a specific and microcosm of the residents of the buden apartment. In this small space cut out. Iron bars. The residents live a happy life, writing and painting. Growing flowers and raising birds. At that time, the crime rate taipei not high compared to new york and other big cities. But why did people need to install bars on their balconies? Why so insecure?

The novelist li yu has

A short story in. The story of wenzhou street  . Describing the protagonist being under surveillance. Because of the white terror. And peeping through. The frosted glass every night at . The intelligence officers outside the window.i checked the architectural historical materials at hand and found that frosted glass and iron windows are both unique elements of the buden apartment. Frosted glass has another beautiful and poetic name “patterned glass”. The master carves beautiful patterns on the glass. When the light penetrates, it forms a softer and blurrier beam than ordinary flat glass, making people look at the flowers in the fog and cannot see through at a glance. , subtly blending beauty and concealment.

Reading this

I can’t help but wonder if the buden apartment, which was born in the era of white terror, is also a product of white terror? Immigrants who have just experienced earth-shaking Lithuania Phone Number changes and have finally settled in a foreign land, carefully wrap themselves with iron windows and frosted glass, so that they cannot be easily seen through, but they can observe the movements of the outside world. They are on guard in the unknown and dark, looking for a subtle and incomplete sense of security between closeness and isolation, isolation and non-separation.


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This episode invites transnational freelance journalist liao yunjie for an in-depth conversation. Through the core proposition of “refugee survival”, the audience will be led to re-understand the difficult situation of refugees in terms of identity, material, psychology, future planning, etc. In the process, we will also learn about those refugees who often accompany them. How to use the professional ministry model to accompany the people who have endured hardships on the long road back to normal.

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