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Brands can no longer sell with traditional monologues . Now, consumers have a voice and a vote. They want to be heard, at the right time and place for them. That is why we have to take advantage of Geomarketing to locate and listen to them. Geomarketing is “any application, campaign or service that uses geographic location to deliver or optimize a message” . Analyze the commercial status of a business through location, which can be applied to points of sale, branches, competition and customers. The idea is to locate them on a digital map, with data and symbols that clarify the behavior of the market. In this way, particular campaigns can be created, according to the clients of a certain region, in real time .

As it is based on location, Geomarketing considers the personal and cultural characteristics of the consumer. Evaluate their habits and preferences to deliver a better value offer, just when they need you. Index of contents Go with them, and they Oman Phone Number follow you Go with them, and they will follow you Geomarketing. Only needs two essential things to work: a Smartphone with internet access anywhere in the world; and GPS technology to identify the locations of each device and company. With these tools you can send messages designed to attract customer attention. For example: Geotargeting, to send messages tailored to customers, in certain areas.

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In promotional seasons, pointing out the areas where there is greater demand for products; or share the gift table of a couple. Beacons , to locate the user and send relevant information, via Bluetooth The IP address of a phone will allow you to adapt the responsive design of your website, establishing parameters to show segmented products and services to each user, depending on their location, language , search habits, etc. Geo-Fence, to set a perimeter in the business and interact with people near it. A consumer can check in at restaurants, cafes or shops. Thus, those businesses can send you promotions and special offers in text messages. You see? Geomarketing offers many options to make the customer fall in love, and you can do it with the following services.

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In addition, your service and attention will be crucial, as consumers can rate, praise or criticize you so that the millions of Google users recognize your prestige. Facebook Places allows you to share information, photos and videos with other users of the social network. But it also allows them to register with companies to post their opinions about that business they liked or disliked. However, is a website specialized in locating restaurants, coffee bars or other food and beverage outlets. However, site classifies the companies according to the ratings of the user who has already visited the establishment. Businesses can register for free to interact with users, respond to complaints or questions, send them promotions and improve their service. Yelp helps “find great local businesses like dentists, hairdressers, and mechanics.

” It Has 20 Business Categories

However,  you can consult from your Smartphone . And thanks to the qualifications or the users, your business could not be among the first options in your locality. When 69% of consumers consider advertising to be intrusive, it is increasingly necessary to use strategies such as Geomarketing to contact them and make them fall in love. By capturing their attention when they are most likely to engage with the brand, we can drive more attention and loyalty. However, this way, marketing investment can be managed better , reaching those who really want to know about us. As in any content strategy , a Geomarketing campaign needs an authentic dialogue that provides confidence. Are you looking for the best way to create a strategy in your region? Do not hesitate to request a free consultation with us.

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