Strategies to Generate Meaningful Experiences

There are many creative ideas to give your customers those experiences that hook them and become loyal followers of your brand. At WOM GP we want your brand to be one of the pillars of your company. Take a look at some of the following. Index of contents 1- Co-creation 2- Marketing Food 3- Childhood Regression 4- Call of the senses 5- Teaser campaign (incognito campaign) 6- Advocacy marketing Conclution: 1- Co-creation co-creation strategy Medium This strategy involves the client in the design or development of the product or service; It is one of the most effective for emotional bonding, as it combines personalization and participation. For this strategy, brands make very good use of social networks. Such was the case of Nike for the design of its new running models.

Food brain food Organic+ In recent times, different marketing strategies have been seen that have food as an engagement tool . There are Australia Mobile Number Database currents, one of them is brainfood : think of healthy foods for your events, foods that help you think and be active, functional foods, low in sugars to facilitate mental work. Another trend is brand food : through catering or food in general, it seeks to identify the values ​​of the brand with a type of gastronomy. Within this field there are incredible ideas to start with: from a healthy catering, to a themed one depending on the event or the space. And why not? Even gifts or gastronomic details as a corporate marketing strategy.

Call of the Senses the Smell

Regression One of the best techniques to significantly connect with our clients is without a doubt “feeling like children again” as García would say. “The purpose is to act, play, dress up, or participate in serial games (video games whose purpose is training) . Playing at being children awakens the most emotional side of the client.” In addition, it can help to rediscover almost forgotten emotions and feelings, from childhood times. Let’s take a look at how Ciruqe du Soleil does it , for example.

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The circus collaborates with the C2Montreal networking event designing creative programs that invite managers. To dive into ball pools or build toys. To put it in a more feasible scenario for our company, we can facilitate. It by setting up a space within the facilities/store so that customers can express themselves as children. Offering costumes, chalk or paint. 4- Call of the senses The smell, the color and the flavor take a fundamental place. When it comes to transmitting emotions and sensations that can remain in the memory of the person. To accomplish this difficult task, we can resort to aromatherapy , color therapy , music therapy . The key is to play with the senses to penetrate the client’s unconscious.

Aromatherapy the Use of Colors

is a powerful tool to increase and strengthen positive memories; and create an authentic experience during the customer’s buying process. If you consider olfactory marketing in your business, you will have benefits such as livening up the environment. Awakening or increasing sensations linked to the brand. In addition, you will ensure that customers. A longer visit to the store, build customer loyalty by creating positive experiences. aromatherapy CRN News Color therapy. The choice of colors for new products, our brand and its combination. The different campaigns can contribute a lot to your company and can also influenceand connection with the client.

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