Stop Exaggerating Expectations

Every B2B business needs to consider resal Resale is critical to any business, but especially so in SaaS. For the average SaaS business, upsells alone account for 16% of the new annual contract value Kenya Phone Number List (ACV). However, for the largest SaaS sellers (over £50m in annual revenue) this jumps to 28%, while the smallest SaaS companies only generate 11% of ACV Stop Exaggerating Expectation through upsells. Similar differences are seen across all distributions between annual revenue growth rates Customer acquisition costs for Kenya Phone Number List cross-sells and up-sells are much lower – £0.22 per £1 instead of the average £0.92 per £1 of new revenue. It’s cheaper to resell at just £0.10 per £1.

This is an input session not Stop Exaggerating Expectation a decision session

The larger your customer base, the more resale and upsell Kenya Phone Number List opportunities you have. Your customers already know you and they already love your products, make sure you get the most out Stop Exaggerating Expectation of those relationships. SaaS founders need to lay the groundwork for an upsell campaign from Kenya Phone Number List the start to scale their busines The trick here is that you have to keep looking for the big stories that are going on, choose what you want to do, and report it in your own way. You should give it a personalized angle that is uniquely relevant to your brand to differentiate your article from all other posts.

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Trending topics are a great opportunity to build links. Some considerations to keep in mind include Learn as much as you can about these topics by using relevant platforms and popular Kenya Phone Number List social media platforms, including Facebook and Google Trends . With experience, you can pinpoint an Stop Exaggerating Expectation  event even before it goes viral. Develop the ability to identify trending gaps and use them to tailor topics based on the type of SEO content you audience wants Check out what your competitors are saying about the Kenya Phone Number List topic for insights that help develop linkable content with niche value.

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