Steps to Have Successful Campaigns

You may be surprised by the number of companies that still think that the first step to having a digital presence is to start posting. “Everyone does it” or “My nephew has a Facebook account and he can help us” are answers that we get to hear and that do not benefit your brand and the place it deserves to have on the Internet. Before starting to “post” and share content for the sake of sharing content, we need to plan the content strategy very well. Your goals are very important: increase the customer base; Increasing traffic to your website and contacting potential customers are goals that must have a sustainable strategy over time. There is a lot of information about how to start your content strategy.

Below we share 6 steps that can help you have a clearer understanding of the process. Index of contents Your Content Strategy in 6 steps 1. Essential Principles 2. Know your audience 3. Know your SEO 4. Consistently strengthen your online Portugal Phone Number authority 5. It’s time to create content! 6. Set your budget Conclution: Your Content Strategy in 6 steps 1. Essential Principles Everything you generate around a content strategy needs to have a kind of pillar that supports your communication over time . In the center is the value that represents your main theme: the experience of your brand that nourishes the challenges of your clients with solutions .

Around This Point of Experience Revolve

The most important issues for your audience. content-strategy You can even have more than one central topic but never lose sight of the fact that around it you will talk about topics that interest your audience and that are relevant to your Unique Selling Proposition . content-strategy 2. Know your audience Many years ago we stopped segmenting a specific market by its demographic data. Nowadays and in Internet times, the socio-economic level or the age ranges have different sub-groups and micro-moments of purchase. What are the problems your customers are facing ?

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Do you know their dreams, aspirations and what really worries them ? How will they feel after buying your products or services? Generating an emotion through the content strategy you share will make your brand stay in the minds and purchase radar of your audience for longer. Remember that the data is forgotten, but the emotion remains. content-strategy 3. Know your SEO Of course we can not forget the search engines. Google is the first place we go when looking to solve a question or problem. With what words do your customers search for your products? What are those keywords they type to find the ideal brand? When you identify the keywords with which you will position your content, it is easier to create blogs , videos , posts for social networks.

Keeping Your Keywords Up to Date

However, how your potential customers are searching for you is vital. It is a job that requires consistency: it is over time that your website gains leadership to appear in better places. Content-strategy content-strategy4. Consistently strengthen your online. As we discussed in the previous point, on the Internet and online marketing discipline and consistency. Are required to build the authority of your brand . Generating content. However, Social Networks is a very powerful tool, but don’t forget that your website is literally the HOME. The house where you can control the content and the priority you give it.

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