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Sports smart wear manufacturer gudong, which spans hardware and social networking. Also completed with a $30 million series b financing, sports social Israel Phone Number entered the spring overnight. To move, there is a sports community and then a sports. Social sports social networking is not as simple and rude as stranger social networking. To obtain a large number of seed users, but requires acquired professional training to enter the Israel Phone Number social growth stage. From the perspective of the growth path of momo, socialization begins with the community. Godong first invited hundreds of athletes, professional athletes. Fitness coaches to settle in, and built a professional mobile sports community.

After the Sharing Israel Phone Number

Of these professional sports users Israel Phone Number gradually became sticky to ordinary users. It further stimulated the interaction between users and users. Social needs. In order to cover as many users as possible and to achieve Israel Phone Number enough social users. Godong covers more than 50 sports such as running, cycling, yoga, zheng duoyan, insanity. Skateboarding, and even diving, which can satisfy. All kinds of sports. The needs of sports enthusiasts. As a sports social product, many sports people. Are happy to share their sports results on the internet. While showing themselves. They can receive many applications for adding friends. Over time, sports people have a certain influence on sports.

People Will Take Israel Phone Number

Israel Phone Number

The lead in holding some offline “sports meetings”, such as group offline sports gatherings. Such as appointments for running, balls, bicycles, and fitness. In addition, as a sports-themed product. Sports indicators such as time, distance. Calories are Israel Phone Number naturally indispensable. Godong has cooperated with the old sports. Fitness application “gudong sports” for data docking. In addition, it has also docked with runkeeper and strava. And other well-known foreign sports apps to meet the needs of more sports enthusiasts. Social is just the Israel Phone Number carrier sports market has great potential speaking. Of which, it is not difficult to find that the sports market has long been eyed by wearable device manufacturers. In the so-called “sports socialization”, “socialization” is only a carrier form, and “sports” itself has a larger market space.

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