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Sports marketing develops, promotes, disseminates and positions entities, brands, athletes, products and services through sports. Do you know the possibilities that multiply in this field? It is a scenario where the union between brand experiences and happy consumers can be infinite. Index of contents Sport: a factory of dreams How big is Sports Marketing? 4 Sports Marketing Trends 1.Fan Engagement 2. E-Sports 3. Proximity Marketing 4. Own content on social networks Conclution: Sport: a factory of dreams If you choose a sport, you choose a way of being. In fact, psychologists still wonder how much sports influence personality. This is what Antonio del Cerro, doctor in Psychology and professor at the University of Barcelona, ​​affirms.

Beyond the interest shown in a particular discipline, the truth is that sports annually attract millions of viewers around the world. The competitions allow you to experience emotions that are not experienced in other types of entertainment and generate Indonesia Phone Number in different ranges: Aspirational, thanks to the leadership and brand values ​​that both athletes and teams are building. It generates a sense of identity, at the national level and also through family traditions or personal experiences. Generates empathy, as favorite players become true icons, their stories are told around the world and each follower lives their experiences as if they were their own. Broad Leaf cigarettes baseball cardSports marketing emerged in the United States (USA) during the 1920s.

At That Time, Some Companies Associated

With the major leagues to increase their sales. Later, athletes began to promote brands such as Nike or Adidas in the 70s and in the 1980s the first sponsorship strategies emerged, with the help of sports personalities. Today, the internet has changed the way big sports brands interact with their customers: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter have been shaping the way users interact with sports teams and stars. How big is Sports Marketing ? Sports marketing moves $63 billion dollars a year . So much so, that the sponsorship of brands to events, teams or athletes increased 4.5%, according to the EAE Business School. In fact, the tennis player Roger Federer is the athlete who pockets the most in this way.

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Tennis player Roger Federer hoisting trophy Thanks to sports marketing and online platforms. The level of influence generated by this type of event grows exponentially among brands and customers. Let’s just look at the FIFA World Cup and the Superbowl in the US. two of the most watched sporting events: In the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the final match reached a television audience of one billion people, and the total number of the tournament reached three thousand two hundred million fans. In addition, 280 million fans watched the World Cup online, or on a mobile device. Four years later, the Germany-Mexico match is one of the most watched at the World Cup in Russia, with 215 million viewers in 40 countries. For its part, the Icelandic Federation announced that 99.6% of.

Lcelanders Who Watched Television

Witnessed the debut of their team against Argentina. Speaking of the Superbowl, the last championship (between Philadelphia and New England) drew 103.4 million viewers. Including those who followed him online , the audience was 106 million. A 30-second commercial costs $6 million to air at the Superbowl halftime show . 4 Sports Marketing Trends What are sports brands and entities looking for? Of course they want to sell as well as generate income, but the key is in the form: through strategies and engagement that generate unforgettable experiences. Thus, fans become ambassadors of the brand, they tell stories that last and multiply among their different circles of influence, beyond good service and customer care. Fans and the way they like to interact with their favorite brands is setting trends. We share 4 of them in sports marketing.

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