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The mistakes of a blog can slow down the progress of your digital strategy and positioning (SEO) . If what you are looking for is to increase the visibility of your brand, it is important that you not only consider the existence of a blog on your website but that the implementation is correct. The word blog comes from the abbreviation of weblog, which in Spanish translates as “web registration” . That is why the meaning of the blog is that of a digital blog where content is “registered” chronologically. When a blog is focused on the business world, it becomes a marketing technique that seeks. Through the creation of relevant content, to generate greater online visibility for your brand.

That is to say: that when people investigate on the Internet about something related to your product or service, your brand appears in search engines , social networks, etc. Are you ready to develop a blog for your brand and increase your positioning in El Salvador Phone Number Google? Click here Index of contents Why having a blog strengthens your brand? Blog errors and how to fix them Mistake. Thinking up random ideas and starting to write about them Solution: The blog must have clear objectives that coincide with those of your company. Error 2: The type of writing is rigid Solution: Write like you speak Mistake. Writing consistently Solution: Use an editorial calendar Error 4: Make the information not very “digestible”.

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Why having a blog strengthens your brand? Having a blog brings you closer to your audience, allowing you to connect with them and learn about their true needs. It’s a great way to showcase your brand personality, plus search engines love blogs: “Suppose you have your website, without a blog. In the search engines the pages of your site will appear indexed, which are counted. But if you have a blog, each post you publish will be a new page indexed in search engines. Also, by posting regularly, you’ll be letting search engines know that you’re active and that they should check your site frequently for fresh content.” Paula Obeso, content marketing specialist.

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What’s more: errors-of-a-blog80% of daily visits to a blog are new . B2B businesses that use blogs receive 67% more leads than those that don’t. Having a blog increases the chances of reaching a good position in search engines by 434% (Hubspot). 70% of consumers learn about companies through articles (not advertising). The 3 ways that brands prefer to communicate their content are social networks (83%), blogs (80%), and newsletters through email (77%).

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Thinking up random ideas and starting to write about them editorial-calendar. When you start a blog you can be tempted to take the ideas that come up while you are driving. During a meeting or because you saw something interesting in a magazine. “Just because it’s a good idea, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea for your company” (Hubspot). Solution: The blog must have clear objectives that coincide with those of your company.

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