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How often do you publish campaigns of this type and what Ghana WhatsApp Number List do you take into account? Every time we come across an initiative that demands these types of solutions, we employ them. In 2016 we have carried out the aforementioned two municipal bus baptism campaigns and their new design. As for the details, as it is a municipal bus service that only operates in Gijón. The first is the obligatory geographical segmentation, the second is to have a graphic design that matches the economic effort that this type of initiative entails. The rest are the usual planning of any campaign on social networks.

Therefore, Do these actions help to make the service provided by Gijón Emtusa better known? Corporate social networks are one of the most valued issues in the surveys that we periodically carry out among public transport travelers in Gijón. We believe that the campaigns contribute to obtaining this data. In terms of return on investment, the campaigns obtain results in terms of impressions, reach and acquisition of followers that make them very effective. Gijón Emtusa social media campaign. Do you get more travelers thanks to your different actions on social networks?

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Therefore, Social media campaigns aim to publicize specific initiatives that are not directly related to the number of travelers. Therefore, In general terms, social networks contribute to providing a better service to commuters on municipal buses and to providing quality information to Gijons and tourists, thus reinforcing the attractiveness of using public transport in the city. Have you reached your goals for 2016? What do you have in mind for 2017?


Therefore, we have met our objectives. In the case of the baptism of municipal buses. It was possible to reach only on Facebook a figure that represents 15% of the inhabitants of Gijón/Xixón. And in the case of the popular vote for the new design of municipal buses. They reached 3,000 votes, the largest number of participants in an online vote for municipal issues in the history of the city. In 2017 we have some projects that, if they materialize, may require the use of campaigns. We will try to be as original, effective and creative as this year and hope to achieve even better results.

In Terms of Campaigns, Without a Doubt

Therefore, What would you highlight about Cool Tabs? How do you think our services have helped you? Using a tool with as much potential as Cool Tabs for the first time involves a learning curve, which we went through quickly thanks to excellent customer service . The integration of Cool Tabs with Facebook allowed us to achieve a great reach, encouraged by the viralization options of the tool itself, so we were able to reach and exceed the goals set.

Therefore, ALSA falls in love with its followers by distributing prizes instantly on social networks Posted by Ana Alonso García on May 5, 20170 Comments Updated by Cool Tabs on May 5, 2017, Therefore, The road passenger transport company ALSA usually carries out various campaigns on social networks coinciding with specific dates such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Easter, with the aim that users can enjoy a good experience with the company. On the occasion of the celebration of Valentine’s Day, ALSA carried out a new action on social networks with the dynamic Instant Win as the protagonist. What better way to make your users fall in love than giving out prizes instantly! ALSA Instant Win Contest Index [ hide ] ALSA scratch card: Therefore, instant prizes for travel the dynamics


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