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So i want to tell the truth that these 15 years. Have exceeded everyone’s imagination. Some people say that jack ma, you are very wise. Where does the wisdom Malta Phone Number come from? Wisdom people must be very unlucky people. All wise people have come through after suffering enormous physical and psychological pain. Only people with good knowledge, people with high iq may not have suffered hardships, people with Malta Phone Number high emotional intelligence must have suffered hardships. The third point is that the opportunities are actually equal. I always thought the world had no chance. Before i started my business, i was rejected by more. Than 30 jobs after graduating from college. Was accepted for almost nothing. I find it too troublesome. I sometimes look at mr. Li ka-shing, why is he so powerful.

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In fact, after i get to know them now, i find that Malta Phone Number they are similar. Others say i’m very good, but my parents never thought i was very good, and my wife didn’t think i was very good. It looks good from a distance, but it looks Malta Phone Number pretty good up close. But one thing is very interesting, why are all opportunities equal? At that time, i complained every day that gates and larry ellison took all the opportunities. If they wanted to make software, they came up. With microsoft, hardware, and ibm. To do a shopping mall, there is a wal-mart that is bigger than you. So it doesn’t make sense.

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Why do i compare with li ka-shing, why do i compare with bill gats. People have suffered a lot, we should compare with lao wang and xiao zhang Malta Phone Number next door. As long as i do better than xiao zhang, i am very happy. I don’t make people who use software all over the world happy, just make people in our family happy. Just want to understand. I have been honored in the past few years, and i am very grateful in my life. The greatest Malta Phone Number blessing is that i have the opportunity to meet. The so-called most amazing people in the business world. After communicating, i found that there is one thing. That must be shared with all young people. They must be very optimistic about the future.

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