Site Diversity What Are the Effects of the Update on the Serp?

As we announced a few weeks ago. Google has made an important update regarding the results pages of its search engine. The latter began a few days before their official announcement, on june 6, 2019. Very often, their updates are not always noticeable and a study by. Iprospect was carried out to find out if this trend was confirmed. Your seo agency reveals the essential points of this study. With very varied and extensive data, the results are clear and you can clearly see. The changes that the google algorithm has undergone. The number of unique results sites on the first page of results increased from 9,052 to 9,076 (out of 10 first page results). Of the 20 industries studied, 16 were affected by. A slight increase in the number of unique sites on the first page of google.

Much More Effective Measures the Conditions of the Study

This means that there is more diversity in the search results, but it is not significant. We can also note a 2% drop in the first pages of Google results that have more than two links to an identical site. Google’s new Italy WhatsApp Number List algorithmic update “Site Diversity Update” isn’t perfect, but it’s been rolled out. Domain names are now much more diverse. However, there are still flaws in this system. With less competition, this Google update brings a slight opportunity to be more visible to more “smaller” sites. Your SEO team is at your disposal to support you in your SEO strategy.

Regarding the Results by Sector, We Can Note Significant Decreases

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cooking recipes, utilities and shoes in e-commerce are the sectors that have undergone the most changes with 235, 215 and 175 results respectively (with more than 2 pages from the same site) less since the update. the motorcycle sector, toys in e-commerce and car purchases had the strongest percentage decreases in search results with respectively -91%, -85% and – 81%.

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