Seos Have Always Hated Nofollow Links

The general idea is that nofollow links have no value in SEO. But the truth is, if a nofollow link sends beneficial referral traffic, why don’t you want it? Not only can nofollow links still flow relevant, valuable traffic, but Aruba Email List links are part of any natural backlink profile. Renowned SEO consultant and growth marketer John Doherty conducted a survey asking other SEOs if nofollow was taken into account for their SEO and online promotion. John’s survey found that Aruba Email List 43% of people don’t care about nofollow links as long as they come from high authority sites. 27% would consider a nofollow link but still do outreach. 16% don’t consider nofollow at all.

Forum and Directory Links Seos Have Always Are Spam

The truth is that the nofollow trend has increased over the years and using nofollow from genuine sources can bring a lot of benefits to any website. Nofollow links from relevant sources can still add value Before Google’s Penguin Aruba Email List Algorithm, forums, directories, and blog comment links were part of nearly every SEO toolkit. The truth is: these tactics are abused and used as a way to protect manipulative links. Many see these links as part of old-school technology. But the truth is that link building is about strategy, not application. I Aruba Email List personally have a lot of experience with forum linking, done in a personal, strategic way.

Links Require Keyword-Rich Anchor Text

These links lead to conversions and high-quality traffic. Screenshots are proof of success. First, Domain Authority (DA) is a Moz metric. Moz is good, but they still use 3rd party tools. No one knows Google’s analysis of website Aruba Email List quality. All third-party metrics should be taken with a grain of salt. If the site is new, there will be less DA. That doesn’t mean it’s a low-quality site or that you don’t want links from it. Site engagement, keyword rankings, trust and citation Aruba Email List traffic, social presence, etc. are important factors in judging site quality in the long run

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