Seo Study Are Blogs Bad for Seo Digital Conducted

Perficient Digital conducted a study on blog SEO. With a third of the sites under their CMS system, WordPress takes advantage of its ease of use and its multiple functionalities to “rule” the sector. However, the American consulting firm noted that the blog format was not necessarily the most appropriate choice for all types of business publications. Your agency, expert in natural referencing, reveals the results of this study. To do this, the study was carried out on the random selection of 100 blogs. All the pages of these blogs were crawled one by one, in order to precisely define the content and structure of each page.

The Structure of Blogs Scrutinized to Do This

The least we can say is that the results may surprise us. The study found only 29% of blogs contained at least 50% blog posts. Curiously, the predominant pages are then pages of tags. Comments or paginations among others, and they Croatia WhatsApp Number List show no potential for seo. As we explained recently, this will lead to a loss of crawl budget following. The (unnecessary) indexing of these pages. Then, unless a publication has accumulated external links. There is little chance that it will end up referenced by google. If the latter is more than five clicks away from the home page of its blog.

There Are Even Situations Where the Page Depth

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To be in good faith, Perficient Digital still studied 100 blogs made up of 92% “evergreen” publications. Indeed, if the US firm had analyzed blogs with commonly ephemeral SEO publications, such as news, the results would have been skewed. As for the “evergreen” posts, they persevere over time and are interesting from an SEO point of view, provided that their content is still relevant. Evergreen content can be a definition or any other content that will impact SEO in the long term. Therefore, using a blog for evergreen content is not the best idea you can have. Indeed, they will get lost in the mass of posts over time and have a deplorable SEO.

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