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This year, there are 1584 supposed SEO professionals, with varying degrees of experience, who have played the game and responded to SparkToro’s online survey, from August 6-27. They had to give themselves a score as to their level and experience in SEO. And to frame the experiment, Rand Fishkin selected the 26 elements that have the most impact on Google SEO. Then, to complete this first part of the study, Rand Fishkin compared the complete results of the impact on organic SEO to those of SEOs who consider themselves to be expert SEOs (129 out of 1584). The results that emanate from this comparison are rather in line with what the 1584 SEOs think.

The Course of the Study This Year There Are 1584 Supposed

But, before getting to the heart of the study. He evaluated the seos in relation to their position on the criteria that google’s algorithm. Takes in order to weight the organic results. Two-thirds of the respondents answered that the Colombia WhatsApp Number List algorithm varies. Enormously in the way it weights seo depending on the queries. Therefore, the results of this study should be interpreted in light of these potential discrepancies. Finally, the founder of sparktoro directed the poll towards “seo of the future”; he simply sought. The opinions of seo professionals on the impact that certain trends will have. Three years from now. According to the 1584 seos.

Thoughts Following the Study as a Result of These Results

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The first point of this study was around organic referencing, in a very global way. SEOs had to score the 26 SEO factors based on their impact on SEO; 0 means that the criterion has little impact, while 10 means that it is a factor that weighs heavily in the balance. As a result of these results, there are a few lessons to be learned. First, this is the first time in 14 years of study that content is more important to SEOs than links or keywords. First, keywords dominated, then links took over. But now content relevance and quality seem to have more impact on organic results according to SEO specialists.

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