Seo How to Improve Your Seo on Amazon E-commerce Market

Dominating the e-commerce market in France with 17.3% market share, Amazon is making a name for itself alongside Google in terms of SEO. As on the latter, companies must have a good strategy to improve their Lithuania Phone Number List visibility on the e-commerce platform, in order to increase sales. Our SEO agency accompanies you to improve your positioning on search engines.  Customers make 22% of their online purchases on Amazon. Internet users Lithuania Phone Number List are therefore increasingly numerous to buy products via the web. According to an article in the New York Times, Amazon really weighs on the e-commerce market. A third of online shoppers search for their products by going directly to the site, without going through Google . Therefore, brands need to be visible in the platform’s organic results in order for people to buy their products.

The First Reflex to Have a Good Seo Is to Determine the Keywords

Amazon has an algorithm, the A9, which should be taken into account in order to maximize the visibility of products in search results. This takes sales and customer experience into account as a priority. However, several elements must be Lithuania Phone number taken into account, in order to optimize them to improve its natural referencing on Amazon. The ” bullet-points “, which are the 5 points that Amazon displays to Internet users. They must contain the keywords and information contained in the title, but specify other qualities of the product in order to influence the future buyer.

It’s good to know that some generic keywords are not accessible

The keywords that Amazon suggests in the search bar can be a great source of inspiration. They can give clues about the keywords that Internet users can use to do their research. Visiting the pages of the site can also be an interesting technique to know. Which ones competitors are using and which spaces are still free. And their level. Amazon page with keywords in the search bar example of keywords Lithuania Phone Number List suggested by amazon in the search bar. The title making quality titles is important to optimize. The positioning of your products on amazon and to be visible on the marketplace. Unlike Google, titles on the online sales platform can be up to 200 characters . This allows you to include more information, without putting too much. It is important to include the keywords that have been defined previously.


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