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Relatively lacking in mobile payment scenarios, whether online or offline. Under such circumstances, wechat pay did not have high hopes for the launch of the red envelope function. Therefore, wechat pay will naturally make persistent efforts Singapore Phone Number at the moment, and want to achieve the purpose of expanding the mobile payment. Scene through the red envelope function. For alipay wallet, mobile qq, momo, etc. Red envelopes are another kind of mobile payment scene. They must be followed up quickly before they are expected Singapore Phone Number to expand their scope of radiation. The flood of red envelopes has hidden worries. It is necessary to make efforts to diversify according to data from iresearch.

As of He Third Singapore Phone Number

Quarter of 2014, alipay’s market share Singapore Phone Number of third-party mobile payment. Transactions in china was 82.6%, and the share of tenpay, including wechat pay, was 10%. This means that the actual boost of red envelopes to mobile. Payment tools has not been revealed, and at most it is only allowed to occupy the peak Singapore Phone Number of the topic. This is indeed the case. The current form of red envelope function is too rigid on the red envelope itself. It does not closely link users, payment and real scenes. This is undoubtedly the hidden worry of the flood of red envelopes. It is topical, but the essence is a gimmick.

How to Add Diversified Singapore Phone Number

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Elements to the red envelope function Singapore Phone Number itself and make. It more widely used will be the first problem. Faced by many mobile payment tools. Whoever can give the red envelopes more meaning and use first will. Be able to gain the upper hand in the mobile payment war. Friends who have read my Singapore Phone Number previous article can know. That i have been working on an online community. About habit formation recently. It has been nearly a month now. The website has also accumulated some users. With 30 daily active users. Registered user 78, it can be regarded as a small improvement for me. As a technical novice, so i want to talk about some idea when i am working on the community. Recently (maybe i will feel so naive when i see it later.

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