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Read the post with a lot of fun. My deskmate is a typical “poker”, who often hangs. Around in the school bbs, so that after graduation, he even Germany Phone Number managed to find a school girl who hasn’t graduated through the bbs remotely. The two have been in a long-distance relationship for 4 or 5 years. Although they Germany Phone Number succeed in the end, but because of this incident, i, who don’t play bbs, have always been in awe of the school’s bbs. It’s a pity that i went to the school forum to have. A look some time ago, and found that it was deserted. I don’t know if the teacher yu, who also majored. In arts and sciences, is still in the school. Another example that made me appreciate the power of bbs.

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Roommate played killing games with people all over the world through bbs. This buddy, known as brother t, is a lover of puzzle games. Gobang, chess, go, murder, and sudoku Germany Phone Number are all within his scope. His personal favorite thing to do between. Colleges and universities is to study gobang, but that’s another story. This brother t was very Germany Phone Number obsessed with killing games for a while, so he devoted himself to research, and later found. An organization on the internet – net kill. Netkill is a very special group of people. They contacted through qq and communicated. About a forum to open a new netkill bureau, so they would go to that bbs to participate in the game.

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Germany Phone Number List
Germany Phone Number List

In the game, assign a vest to each Germany Phone Number participant to speak. Net killing is very different from the face-to-face killing we usually play. The period of net killing is very long, ranging from a few days to a week, the rules are more Germany Phone Number complicated. And the requirements for participation are also higher. Since i have not participated in the net killing myself, i only know a little. About this holy spirit movement from the words of my roommate. Suddenly, the mm slammed on the accelerator. And the porsche car drove forward at a high speed. Darren_zhu couldn’t dodge and was knocked out by the front of the car.

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