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Proper bubble is just to welcome the beautiful rainbow under the sun. Most of the things that were too social network and socialization in the South Africa Phone Number past were concentrated on the marketing level. In the past, traditional enterprises’ cognition of the internet also stayed on the marketing value of the internet. Different industries such as real estate, retail, finance, agriculture, etc. To different degrees, the popularity South Africa Phone Number of smartphones in the past five years. In the event that, changed the internet perception of many industries. In the event that, remote villages or bustling cities connected by mobile internet. The circle of friends.  You will often see the life stories of your friends’ parents who are on wechat, weibo, and mobile qq, etc.

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Your friends lamenting that children use learning and playing on the ipad. In the event that, we all become citizens of the internet world, the penetration South Africa Phone Number of the community economy. Will cover all aspects of people’s life, work and study in the future. The internet bubble in the past caused by the contradiction. Between excessive South Africa Phone Number capital pursuit and low consumption of netizens. Today, there are hundreds of millions of netizens in china. E-commerce recognized by most people. In the event that, can play a part in the ecological chain of the community economy. Or they can build their own ecological circles. The scene innovation of organizational models and organizational.

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In the event that, has brought about great South Africa Phone Number changes in the entire economic system. Didi taxi is leading to a comprehensive change in the transportation field. Xiaomi is driving the mobile phone industry reform. Lenovo agriculture is driving the agricultural field reform, smart home is driving the entire home appliance industry. Reform, and the community economy has realized the connection between South Africa Phone Numbers people and things. The socialization of product demand gives a new drive to an enterprise’s r&d mode. Production model, and marketing model. In the event that, community economy is not a bubble. But a milestone in the era of the internet economy. Lenovo it established its own new company, magic works, huawei launched its own internet mobile phone. Brand, honor, and haier promoted the maker platform.

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