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Produced them and sold them to consumers, while c2b is the future. Consumers give back to the merchants what i need, and the merchants provide consumers with production services. Fifteen years ago, it was selling goods, and now it is Tunisia Phone Number creating countless creators in china. We have to believe in the future, believe in young people. Young people are the ones who bring the future. If you want to seize the future, invest Tunisia Phone Number in young people. In the question and answer session. The host threw some sharp questions from time to time, and even made the audience sweat for ma yun. But these were all cracked by the battle-hardened boss ma.

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The issue of counterfeit goods on taobao. Jack ma simply Tunisia Phone Number said three words: report it. Otherwise it will be difficult to find. At present, alibaba has more than 5,000 volunteers and more than 2,000 full-time. Employees responsible for investigating and dealing with counterfeit goods. It is still difficult to Tunisia Phone Number completely crack down on counterfeiting. Ma yun said that the most popular products on taobao are not fake products, but online products. Without official certification and registration, it may not be a fake. The cheap and high-quality goods. Hit the buyer’s psychology and will become popular. Well, this is the first time i have heard the shanzhai talk so high.

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Asked jack ma, can an investment of 1 billion Tunisia Phone Number be given to the people in zhanzhong? Jack ma only said one sentence, this is for young people in hong kong. What jack ma values ​​is what the young people in hong kong. Have to do, and other factors are not the key factors. When the host asked the question of occupy central, jack ma Tunisia Phone Number said, i believe that the young. People who can get our investment have already left politics. Came out. Regarding the contradiction between persistence and stubbornness. Ma yun said that everyone must have a degree in doing things.

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