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Users want to feel special, and that is why the experiences offered by brands must be unique, personalized; this is the key to connecting with people. Personalization is the future of marketing, it is the secret of the big brands for a better engagement with the consumer. Learn more about leveraging personalization for your marketing campaigns. Index of contents Why customize your campaigns? The future of customization 1. Personalized shopping for everyone 2. Chatbots 3. Smoother purchases of programmatic media 4. Prediction applied to Customer Service 5- Optimized sending frequency New trends in personalization Why customize your campaigns.

Personalization is an opportunity for brands to give consumers something relevant and highly related to their target . Increases the degree of customer satisfaction, adds value to the brand . In addition, with personalization in marketing, sales, response Luxembourg Phone Number and the generation of brand awareness are increased. If a customer perceives that they are the center of attention of the company, they will be more willing to make a purchase or establish a lasting relationship with the brand. It is about putting the focus on who and not on what, giving prominence to consumers instead of products.

The Future of Customization in Order

To effectively personalize our message, email marketing and artificial intelligence are the formula you need. Email marketing , meanwhile, is a very effective channel to build a strong relationship with the customer and have effective communication with the public, from the first contact. In addition, it is an economical way of two-way communication, since calls to action are included and thus obtain relevant information for future actions. On the other hand, the use of Artificial Intelligence for personalization purposes allows you to improve your performance indicators. There are five main AI-powered improvements to personalized marketing: 1. Personalized shopping for everyone Online shopping provides important data on the individual preferences, purchasing habits and favorite channels of each of the buyers .

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Applying AI to processing this data helps deliver tailored shopping journeys to massive audiences. Taking personalization to a higher level, artificial intelligence also helps predict the type of purchase consumers will make, before they even know it. 2. Chatbots chatbot tentulogo Automated bots can create highly seamless and realistic experiences for the consumer if they know the consumer’s purchase history as well as their preferences. Also, chatbots are cheaper than managing customer service over the phone. Bots allow personalization as long as you have access to universal profiles fed by real-time data . 3. Smoother purchases of programmatic media From a consumer point of view, AI helps create personalized ads that web page visitors want to see.

Prediction Applied to Customer Service

What would you think if you could know in advance when and why consumers need help? It would be excellent, don’t you think? Intel subsidiary Saffron has created an artificial intelligence system capable of forecasting with 88% certainty in which channel. Why and for which product consumers will need help . 5- Optimized sending frequency. It is now possible to take advantage of multiple opportunities to make content relevant to a user. For example through contextual personalization. In the future, AI will analyze a consumer’s purchase history and email usage habits . In this way, it will be possible to choose the ideal moment to send the right content and achieve an increase in the rate of openings and conversions.

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