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People say i’d rather pay the price to be as good as you are. Actually that’s not the case. Everyone sees the times of success today, but not all the times when things go wrong. When they are depressed, when colleagues are in conflict. The government is Macedonia Phone Number looking for trouble. When there is no money. When the salary cannot be paid, when the customer is not satisfied and asks for a return. In fact, no matter how successful you are in Macedonia Phone Number the entrepreneurial process, success is short-lived. But the price paid is very high. The mistakes made are countless. Entrepreneurs all over the world are like this. When you see his glory today, you must not see the price he paid behind.

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To warm ourselves and comfort ourselves. We know what to Macedonia Phone Number do when the salary cannot paid? When we find that we can only offer a salary of 2,000 yuan or 500 yuan. What should you do when someone else Macedonia Phone Number comes to your company. To rob employees of 5,000 yuan? In fact, you have to face such difficulties every day. You always hope that you can make the company bigger. Maybe i don’t need to have so much trouble. I especially like watching tv dramas like hong kong. The boss doesn’t do anything and smokes a cigar. Very stylish. I think one day i will be bigger, i may not have trouble.

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The bigger the business, the more trouble and the greater the responsibility. Not as good as when you started your own business in a small room. Each stage has Macedonia Phone Number its own uniqueness. But today, i think about myself again, being able to be alibaba, to be able to serve so many people, to be able to do such a thing, is a blessing, it is a result of cultivation. If others want to do it but can’t do it, if you have done it, do it. Therefore, all the Macedonia Phone Number entrepreneurs here. Entrepreneurs all over the world, have a book of hardships. There are big difficulties and small pains. But keep a good attitude. Because you can at least do something today to change.

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