Original Posters Get Instant Positive Feedback

Original posters get instant positive feedback. If you find such comments on social networks, you will have a hard time arguing. That’s why many people don’t think the discussion is worth the trouble. as I did. But I was wrong! Not questioning these posts and comments means legitimizing the original post. But one of the problems is that Facebook makes it easy to express agreement (like), but disagreement is always difficult: you have to write comments, which means you have to think. Facebook may have emoji now, but it doesn’t offer a “dislike” button. No vomiting expression. One of the reasons Facebook has been such a rewarding experience for many people is that it provides almost exclusively positive feedback.

This leads people to believe that most people agree with their opinion or post. This in turn caused them to keep posting with greater enthusiasm. Then others saw it too. Some will be upset; some will agree, and some will change their minds after seeing a seemingly popular opinion spread on social networks. Social media marketers have been using these mechanisms for years…and now politicians have joined the ranks. in Germany, as well as in other countries. No matter how you look at him, Donald Trump has had enormous success on social media, and you can’t deny that it’s largely because of his simple and defiant comments on complex issues and discussions.

These Radical Right-wing Politicians Use

The same principles as terrorist and Islamic groups: they are creating a filter bubble around their political views. So, it’s all Facebook’s fault, right? No, that’s not right. Facebook needs filtering, there’s no way around it. No filter is perfect. Facebook creates and develops the social network we Albania whatsapp number list need as a society. We might not say we want a filtered news feed, but Facebook has measured our responses and is constantly building its network based on our best responses. We can also ask Facebook to remove certain posts, which sometimes makes sense.

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Obviously, illegal posts can be removed. Hatred can be eliminated. Does this really help? Will. sometimes. In Germany, this was discussed. Truly illegal content in the media is actively prosecuted, and illegal means attacking radical right-wing political views, promoting illegal symbols (such as swastikas), or promoting illegal activities such as drug use. (Nipples not included.) As a result, many Germans, including lawyers and politicians, have demanded that Facebook be seen as a traditional form of communication, and that it be removed and prosecuted for illegal content.

I Can See This Sometimes Making

The situation less dire. But this is only a temporary solution; it is not a cure. This prevents some comments from going viral, but not all, as many hate comments are not strictly illegal. It also gives the impression that if someone posts illegal content on Facebook, that person is safe; at best, Facebook will be prosecuted. So in a way this makes the problem worse, not better. Part of the problem is that people have somehow come to believe they are safe on social media. At first, this kind of stuff was just post from fake anonymous profiles. Today, hate and racism are post from real profiles and identities.

That won’t change with Facebook’s lawsuit; instead, it can lead to a feeling of unfair scrutiny. Censorship and “lying” media are already one of the pillars of the current rise of right-wing activism around the world. Filter bubbles exacerbate this trend. you do not believe me? Here’s Facebook’s own research: It’s not that Facebook didn’t investigate the filter bubble: In 2015, they published a study on the phenomenon and showed that it wasn’t as serious as some feared (or at first glance). seems so). ). On average, you find only about 6% more “hard news” content on Facebook than the other “party”.

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