Only by Expanding the Scale Croatia Phone Number

Only by expanding the scale of the business and improving the utilization. Rate of the entire platform can the unit cost be reduced. This is the Croatia Phone Number scale effect. This effect is not available if the customer scale. Is small and the type is single, so this industry has no advantage for new entrants. Therefore, wangsu has accumulated a large number. As well as, customers and has a 7t platform bandwidth resource reserve and server Croatia Phone Number nodes all over the world. The “technology + scale” model has maintained. Its ability to grow at a high rate of profit. Cdn has become a basic service with the rise of cloud computing and mobilization. Cdns have not only not declined, but have gradually become basic services.

The Domestic Market Croatia Phone Number

Is divided into three categories, one is Croatia Phone Number professional cdn manufacturers. The other is internet companies such as alibaba cloud; the other is telecom operators. Telecom, china mobile, and china unicom have also begun to enter the cdn market. Facing internet giants and operators. Wangsu does not have direct competition Croatia Phone Number with ali at the business level. As well as, are big differences between wangsu and alibaba cloud in terms of platforms. Target customer groups, and service methods. Wangsu cdn is mainly for large and medium-sized customers, including traditional internet companies. Medium and large enterprises, and government agencies. Large and medium-sized customers. Have higher requirements for the quality of cdn services.

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As well as, needs compared with the Croatia Phone Number standardized self-service platform. The wangsu cdn platform has better adaptability, flexibility and stability. Which can better meet the individual needs. Of customers and ensure service quality. In addition, there is a close cooperative relationship between wangsu and customers. Wangsu is closely coupled with customer needs in all aspects of sales, customer Croatia Phone Number service, products and research and development. Alibaba cloud provides more standardized cdn services. The competition of bat giants also gives. Wangsu its own independent development space. Wangsu has always called itself a third-party cdn company. Some major customers choose wangsu precisely because of this neutrality. Neither wangsu nor bat exists. Business association . In the face of competition from operators. Wangsu considers it an opportunity.

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